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DHIEXPLORER will be governed by the board elected by the members to uphold its vision and mission within the legal boundary governing rules. Organisations engagements and activities are framed and executed by the executive board members including the chair person, vice chair person, secretary, treasurer and other members elected at Annual General Meeting. The executive committee will elected by the Annual General meeting for 3 years.




Travelling gives me perfect opportunity to meet new people, explore new places, hear their story and sharing them with my family, friends, colleagues (as well as with perfect stranger). 

It brings new life and new meaning to moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing these moments and surely more enriching when we share the same passion with the right people. I capture these moments through my lens and reflect back on them to retell those very moments and stories. 




I spent most of time on the ocean as a kid. It was fun and even more now. These days on high elevations. It connects me to nature, makes me alive, plus knowing there are amazing people and cultures broaden my perspective of living. I am so thankful for life and for people who shared the passion of discovering the world.  I just want to explore more and challenge myself every time.




Stories of travellers and explorers have always amazed me. Truth is travel industry is who I am, and now being around with people who go a step further to experience unique places is awesome. It has opened me a whole new world, new dimension to life and curiosity to challenge to go far. Life is truly beautiful when you go beyond what you know. 





I have always been claustrophobic about boundaries - whether real or virtual. So, I never stop challenging myself to do the extra bit. I see life as an adventure ā€“ one where you take lead, set goals and work to achieve them. When things become routine, it is time to do something different. Something that has not been attempted yet. Something out of the comfort zone. I thrive to learn new things, to try out new ventures and meet new people. I always want to keep on adding miles, climbing new heights, walking new trails and chartering new waters. "Just living is not enough, one must have sun shine, freedom and a little flower"



I travel to be inspired ... to seek beauty and adventure ... to learn and understand places, people and cultures ... to push my physical, emotional and intellectual limits. Traveling took me from a tiny island of Maldives to the high Himalays and has been my biggest source of learning and empowerment. It is my hope to see more Maldivians, especially women and girls push beyond the boundaries that confine us to discover how far we could really go. 




Travelling has always been a childhood dream. To uncover the mysterious wonders of an exotic land, to interact with new people and to experience a beautiful difference. Six years ago I chose a career that helped me chase that dream. Becoming an air hostess let me explore new places and meet new people everyday. That is how my journey began. I have always been passionate about photography and dabbling with the camera through my travels allowed me to learn something new each day. The reason I started sharing these images was to share my experience with my loved ones. They are but a small glimpse of the adventures I had and nothing would make me happier than to see people getting inspired by it. Today I'm chasing my dream and Iā€™m grateful for the opportunity I was given and thank everyone who have supported me to become who I am today.